Developers rely on New Conversation APIs to add power to their applications. Read more about how New Conversation APIs help developers make their applications more valuable and increase their revenue opportunities

“ALU has the most advanced and market ready IMS APIs”

Mark Castleman, CEO at Vobi


Vobi is pioneering a new approach to collaboration by examining caller/callee identity and automatically collecting and curating content (files, videos, links, messages, etc.) around those calling parties.  Once parties are connected, even if it began as a circuit mobile call anchored in ALU’s IMS, Vobi can change the modality of the call…move a voice call to video or into the WebRTC browser, or vice-versa.  By using advanced signaling found in the New Conversation APIs, service providers can now become the enabler of solutions which are dynamic and attractive to their subscribers.

To accomplish this task, Vobi found Alcatel-Lucent’s New Conversation APIs were able to provide Vobi the necessary call information and call control.  In fact, Vobi discovered ALU had the most advanced IMS APIs, that were also market ready.

As soon as Vobi and ALU began working together, we experienced immediate and positive feedback from a broad cross-section of providers and large enterprise users, running ALU’s IMS.  It has become clear that the combination of Vobi’s contextual collaboration and multi-modal communication application signaling through ALU’s IMS, means service providers can enhance subscriber satisfaction and revenue by delivering a more meaningful and natural conversation experience.


“Overcome the capacity limitations of first generation interactive solutions”

Franck Malka, CEO Modulo


“The inLive Interactive Mass Participation Solution (IMPS) by Modulo enables broadcasters and telecom operators to launch new interactive TV programs and services that support mass audience participation. The New Conversation APIs from Alcatel-Lucent permit inLive to overcome the capacity limitations of first-generation interactive solutions and enable concurrent participation by tens of thousands of users.

IMPS-backed services open up new revenue streams for telecom operators and broadcasters through the use of premium-rate numbers and interactive service subscriptions. These services boost ratings for TV programs by increasing viewer participation.

New Conversation APIs enable inLive to leverage IMS network resources using simple RESTful APIs. These APIs turn the inLive application into an easily accessible cloud-based service that can help broadcasters and production houses create their own interactive TV programs.”

“Save money and give customers a better QoS”

Dave Mathews, CEO at NewAer


NewAer is delighted to partner with Alcatel-Lucent to debut automatic call routing and cellular off-load services using APIs exposed by their VoLTE Converged Telephony Server (CTS) platform. This integration has created a next generation elastic LBS (location based services) triggered by our proximity platform.

In the past, integration with carrier networks required complex systems and development. This API revolution makes it easy for our smartphone white label SDK to talk directly to carrier switches and enable functionality that saves money and gives customers a better quality of service.

“Satisfy our customer needs”

Pierre Couedelo, CEO & Founder of CAMKA System


CAMKA makes customer services unique, simple by substituting long and costly phone support lines with a faster, more efficient and empowering video support. In this sector, the service area, reactivity and trust are the key words. Quickly reaching the requested expert, being able to manage employee schedules easily, being informed and assured that an intervention request is confirmed, generating invoices easily and without delay, and processing claims are our customers’ key needs.

New Conversation APIs from Alcatel-Lucent empower all of these functionalities. Thanks to New Conversation APIs, we are able to fully satisfy our customers’ needs and, above all, those of consumers worldwide.

“Increase opportunities for sales and new customer interactions”

Manikandan Jayagopal, System Architect at Aricent


Partnering with Alcatel-Lucent on API development on their Converged Telephony Server (CTS) Application Server using the sandbox proved invaluable to providing a high-level development environment. Once access was provided, development of applications moved at a swift pace. The information exchange between Alcatel-Lucent and Aricent was fluid.

Aricent sees a very high synergy in this partnership, both to reach out to Alcatel-Lucent customers and to provide value added applications on Alcatel-Lucent’s platforms that can enhance their customers’ existing offerings. This added sales channel and exposure provides Aricent with increased opportunities for sales and new customer interactions.

“A big breath of fresh air”

Michael Colombo, CEO at Maark


New Conversation APIs allow our teams to once again think seriously about bringing advanced communications experiences into our applications. It is a big breath of fresh air that has allowed us to think creatively across every screen – and potential screen – that connected consumers are interacting with. We’ve seen it catalyze a whole bunch of creative thinking that we can then prototype, test, and implement quickly. I feel like we have only scratched the surface.

“Make our solution far more valuable to healthcare actors”

Ken Epps, President of AGNITY Healthcare


New Conversation APIs have enabled us to make our MobileCare™ solution far more valuable to healthcare hospital and physician groups, and to our Telecommunications and Healthcare channels, which sell healthcare solutions to the industry.

Clinicians can now enjoy far more capabilities from the mobile smart and tablet iOS and Android devices they already own and carry. They can securely manage their communications and collaboration, presence, location, availability, and how they want to be communicated with.

Our use of New Conversation APIs has simplified our integration and enabled underlying telecommunications technologies and other powerful call handling features to support how a call should be routed and delivered with features that are most important to the end user based on their preferences.

The power of these features abstracted through the New Conversation APIs frees our developers to focus on adding communications and collaboration features to MobileCare to improve our overall value proposition.

Explore the “Art of the Possible”

Dave Tidwell, CEO at Anana


As a systems innovator and systems integrator, Anana has for many years worked closely with its Telecommunications and Service Provider Clients to explore new horizons in enhanced services — specifically, revenue generating applications, content and subscriber features.

In legacy networks, Anana was traditionally limited by the declared Intelligent Network Application Part (INAP) capabilities. The ability to innovate on this fabric was further limited by the heavily proprietary methods, which were often closed and limiting in scope, and which did nothing other than to tighten the handcuffs around the concepts being explored. Next Generation Networks didn’t substantially change this model. They changed the language used and the transport of media type, but did not change the handcuffs. With Converged Telephony Server (CTS) New Conversation APIs, Anana’s full capability to explore rich call control, applications context, and awareness of underlying subscriber telephony or application events is finally exposed!

New Conversation APIs give the 3rd-party application developer ready access to the underlying Core Network, isolated from the actual complexities of what is actually happening from a signaling, setup and tear-down perspective for some actually quite complex application scenarios. Anana is able to focus on the creation of rich applications experiences across multiple modes of consumer interactions — from phones to mobiles, tablets and PCs — in a common interface.

This rapid applications development capability represents a key to service providers, through which they can open new revenue streams, new innovations and new consumer experiences that change the consumer-perceived and actual loyalty paradigm.

In simple terms, New Conversation APIs have allowed Anana to remove the handcuffs and to explore without hindrance the “Art of the Possible.”

“Bring our core function to the iPhone”

Josh Smith, COO & Co-founder at PrivacyStar


Blocking is core to our full feature set. Our service is wildly popular on the Android platform, with well over 1 million users to date. Due to the restrictions on the iPhone platform we have only been able to offer iPhone users our lookup services.

Now, with New Conversation APIs from Alcatel-Lucent, we are able to bring our core blocking capability to the iPhone. New Conversation APIs will also allow us to enhance the user experience on Android by leveraging some of the advanced call routing and interactive voice APIs available in the set of 9 New Conversation APIs.

“Enable operators to set up successful VAS with a challenging time to market in a competitive environment”

Marc Uszynski, CTO Telecom & IT at Alten


We are proud of the results we have achieved in working with Alcatel-Lucent to create this “Incoming call filtering” proof of concept in an cutting-edge IMS/LTE environment.

Thanks to the web-ready APIs provided with the Converged Telephony Server (CTS) platform and our deep experience with rapid software development models and Agile methodologies, we have been able to deliver the application within a challenging 4-week timeframe.

This project has demonstrated ALTEN’s vision and capabilities relative to Network Application Software Development. We believe that this collaborative framework model has a promising growth potential for more new services in the telecom ecosystem. We believe it will enrich the end-user experience while enabling operators to set up successful value-added services with a challenging time to market in a competitive environment.