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In-vehicule enriched calling

Category: Communications
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Summit Tech

Summit Tech unveiled the first IMS capable Connected Car at GSMA’s Innovation City enabling a new operator-controlled connected Car ecosystem.

The application leverages the New Conversation APIs to easily expend VoLTE’s high-definition voice and rich communications to the connected car, including various enriched calling experiences such as:

  • VoLTE and VoWi-Fi with call handover
  • multi-device / multi-user: the connected car becomes a second screen of the VoLTE mobile with automatic detection of user profile
  • location share
  • video share
  • real-time diagnostics
  • gesture control: view calls, message or data while keeping eyes on the road,
  • IP-messaging chat2speech
  • social presence to automatically advise a caller that the call is not private if there are other passengers in the car,
  • call enriched with menu display and selection when visiting to drive-thru restaurants
Feb 2015

Video Assisted Maintenance

Category: Maintenance
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CAMKA Video Assisted Maintenance limits maintenance travel and addresses unexpected machine outages by providing fast and efficient video-based problem resolution capabilities.

Integration with New Conversation APIs allows CAMKA to introduce HD video and real-time billing capabilities into its VAM application.

Release :
June 2012
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