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In-vehicule enriched calling

Category: Communications
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Summit Tech

Summit Tech unveiled the first IMS capable Connected Car at GSMA’s Innovation City enabling a new operator-controlled connected Car ecosystem.

The application leverages the New Conversation APIs to easily expend VoLTE’s high-definition voice and rich communications to the connected car, including various enriched calling experiences such as:

  • VoLTE and VoWi-Fi with call handover
  • multi-device / multi-user: the connected car becomes a second screen of the VoLTE mobile with automatic detection of user profile
  • location share
  • video share
  • real-time diagnostics
  • gesture control: view calls, message or data while keeping eyes on the road,
  • IP-messaging chat2speech
  • social presence to automatically advise a caller that the call is not private if there are other passengers in the car,
  • call enriched with menu display and selection when visiting to drive-thru restaurants
Feb 2015


Category: Health Care
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MobileCare™bridges Health Information Technologies (HIT) and Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) technologies with Real Time Voice/Video and Conferencing for a complete Mobile Clinical Unified Communications Experience. According to the Accreditation, Health Care, Certification “The Joint Commission”, better communication solutions represent a major opportunity for healthcare providers to save time, money and lives.

MobileCare™ uniquely bridges two widely used silos serving the Healthcare industry – Communications IT and Healthcare IT – by invoking Mobile Unified Communications and Collaboration (voice , video, conferencing, data, paging, messaging, presence, intelligent call routing) from within the typical EHR eCharts/patient health records and providing a real-time link (Patent Pending Technology) to the specific data across and between disparate and widely used smartphone and tablets platforms – iOS, Android, Blackberry.

MobileCare™ accelerates time and quality of decisions at the point of care and result in better outcomes.It enables patient context to be linked real-time with voice, data, and video communications supported by Presence (device; network; Physician Call Schedule) and Intelligent Routing and delivered based on the user preferences.

The Alcatel-Lucent-AGNITY Mobilecare™ solution will provide Service Provider with a unique and differentiated healthcare specific solution to hospitals and large physician groups resulting in market share and revenue growth. It will specifically enhance Service Providers competitive position versus direct and OTT players by leveraging Alcatel-Lucent power suite of IMS/RCS APIs. It includes the following features:

Rich Call: utilizes Call History, Contact List & Presence and Call Control APIs

Communications Enabled Business Process (CEBP): utilizes Contact List & Presence and Call Control APIs

Call Diversion: utilizes Call Direction API

Core underlying technologies for MobileCare™ are

  • Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) technologies: RCS, Presence, Messaging, Addressbook, Intelligent Call Routing using ALU IMS assets exposed by New Conversation APIs,
  • VOIP on IMS/LTE networks, utilizing Voice/Video/Conferencing APIs from Alcatel-Lucent Converged Telephony Server (CTS),
  • Health Information Technologies: Electronic Health/Medical Records (EHR/EMR), Medical Imaging (PACS), Heath Information Exchanges (HIE), Patient Monitoring, Nurse Call Systems, nurse/physicians on-call/Scheduling systems.
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July 2012
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