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In-vehicule enriched calling

Category: Communications
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Summit Tech

Summit Tech unveiled the first IMS capable Connected Car at GSMA’s Innovation City enabling a new operator-controlled connected Car ecosystem.

The application leverages the New Conversation APIs to easily expend VoLTE’s high-definition voice and rich communications to the connected car, including various enriched calling experiences such as:

  • VoLTE and VoWi-Fi with call handover
  • multi-device / multi-user: the connected car becomes a second screen of the VoLTE mobile with automatic detection of user profile
  • location share
  • video share
  • real-time diagnostics
  • gesture control: view calls, message or data while keeping eyes on the road,
  • IP-messaging chat2speech
  • social presence to automatically advise a caller that the call is not private if there are other passengers in the car,
  • call enriched with menu display and selection when visiting to drive-thru restaurants
Feb 2015

InLive Platform

Category: Entertainment
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Modulo C.S.

The inLive Interactive Mass Participation Solution (IMPS) enables broadcasters and telecom operators to launch new interactive TV formats and services that support mass audience participation. By integrating New Conversation APIs, inLive has overcome the capacity limitations of first-generation interactive solutions to enable concurrent participation by tens of thousands of users.

IMPS-backed services open up new revenue streams for telecom operators and broadcasters through the use of premium-rate numbers and interactive service subscriptions. These services boost ratings for TV programs by increasing viewer participation. Users can join the interactive content — for example, play a game or take a quiz — through any telephony- or IP-based input device or system, including IPTV remote control, Web, SMS and IVR. Their interactions are displayed in real time on the TV screen.

With the IMPS, broadcasters can dynamically manage and control  content flow during TV shows. They can also analyze participation and viewer behavior. The IMPS provides an end-to-end solution that includes user connectivity options, real-time content creation and management functions, graphics generation capabilities, and data analysis tools.

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September 2012
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