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This Cookie Policy aims at providing you with more information on what cookies are, how we intend to use them on this Alcatel-Lucent website and how to know more about these cookies. If you would like more information about Alcatel-Lucent’s privacy policy overall, please visit our dedicated webpage.

This Cookie Policy that applies to the New Conversation APIs Developer Portal website was last updated on July 2015.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of information, usually a small text file, that is generated by a web server and saved on your device. A primary objective of cookies is to improve your user experience while surfing the web, to help websites make your next visit easier, for instance by storing your user preferences such as your country, language or contact details etc.

Opting Out and Disabling Cookies

Most browsers have cookies enabled by default. To learn more on how to disable all cookies on your browser, please go to the website, available in various languages. Also, would you like to disable some cookies we use on this website you can ‘opt out’ using the links provided in the description of cookies below.

Please note that if you chose to disable some cookies that we use, you may experience reduced functionality or be prevented from using parts of this website.

Cookies used on this developer portal website

At Alcatel-Lucent, we use cookies on this website for the following categories of purposes:

  • Technical
  • Functional / Commenting and Sharing on social medias
  • Functional / Talent recruiting
  • Analytics

The cookies on this website are either set by us (called “First party cookies”) or by Alcatel-Lucent’s third party partners (known as “Third party cookies”) and are further described below, per category. Those presented with an asterisk (*) are session cookies, meaning that they expire when the user closes their browser.


Cookies in this category are used to check technical settings of your browser for us to deliver the best possible experience on this website.

Functional / Commenting and Sharing on social medias

Cookies in this category allow you to post comments on this website, and to share content from this website onto social media websites.

Buddy Press
BuddyPress is a wordpress plugin that helps run run social network on this portal, with member profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging, and more.

BuddyPress use two cookies “bp_new_group_id” and “bp_completed_create_steps”.

When admin create a group, the two cookies remember the steps of group creation widget.

BP Group Document
BP Group Documents creates a page within each BuddyPress group to upload and any type of file or document.

BP Group Documents use two cookies “bp-group-documents-order” and “bp-group-documents-category”.

When you browse documents in a group forum and select your preferred browsing order in the “Order by” drop down list, the order will be remembered in cookie bp-group-documents-order so that the next time you browse the documents, the order will be rendered as you prefer. And the cookie bp-group-documents-category remembers your choice in “Category” drop down list for filtering.

Term Of Use
The site support users of different level. Each level of users have different access right to this Developer Portal. Term Of Use plugin is for level 1.

This plugin and the following two plugins Terms of Use For Level-2 users and Terms of Use For Level-3 users render Term Of Use page to different level of uses when they first access the site. A user has to agree to the Term Of Use when login for the first of time before he/she can further access the site. The cookies used here are to remember that the user has agreed so that the Term of Use pages will not render again.

The cookies used are “terms_nc_user_” and “terms_nc_user_date_”.

Terms of Use For Level-2 users

The cookies used are “terms_sb_user_” and “terms_sb_user_date_”.

Terms of Use For Level-3 users

The cookies used are “terms_l3_user_” and “terms_l3_user_date_”.

Theme My Login

This plugin themes the login, registration and forgot password pages according to the site’s page style.

It uses cookies to remember hash password. The cookies used are “wp-postpass_”, “wp-resetpass-”,

Functional / Talent Recruiting

Cookies in this category allow seeing job vacancies at Alcatel-Lucent and for candidates to post their application.


Cookies in this category allow us to get measures on how visitors navigate this website, in order to for us to have a better understanding of how this website is used by visitors, for instance who visits this website, how visitors arrive (e.g. direct hit, via search engine), what pages visitors are looking at, how long they stay on the site before they leave, in order to in the end optimize and improve this website.

JetPack plugin includes a set of tool to monitor the site access.

The cookies used by JetPack include “jetpackState”, “jpp_math_pass”, “jetpack_sso_redirect_to”, “jetpack_sso_remember_me”, “stnojs”, “jetpack_comments_subscribe_”, “jetpack_blog_subscribe_”, “comment_author_”, “comment_author_email_”, “comment_author_url_”, .