We are Nokia and IMS APIs are at MWC!

January 14, 2016

Author: G. Duboué

We are Nokia and the APIs’ show goes-on. Next destination: Barcelona.

We’ve got exciting IMS-APIs based Contextual Communications demonstrations to share at Mobile Word Congress 2016. We’ll take great delight to show you the winning apps of the BT hackathon and AT&T Developer Summit hackathon and two commercial services: the PrivacyStar’s call protection service and the PhoneDeck’s disposable number service that is commercially deployed by China Telecom, Alphaun and Nokia!

Come and visit us on Nokia’s booth, Hall 3!


Aricent’s “Smart Home for Elderly” application, winner of the AT&T Dev Summit hackathon!

January 10, 2016

Author: G. Duboué

Venue: Developer Summit Hackathon, January 2 – 3, 2016, Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, US

This year, at 2016 edition of the AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon, 800 developers traveled to Las Vegas and 20 teams competed for the “Best use of Alcatel-Lucent Call Management APIs” kicker contest.

To go back home with the Alcatel-Lucent $5,000 prize, the developers had to use the Call Management APIs and immerse their applications into AT&T subscribers’ calling experience. And they had to mash the APIs with other sponsors’ APIs to make it contextual, i.e. calling experience triggered by and tailored according to a context and enriched with contextual information.

Well the apps developed in 36 hours did not disappoint! The judges selected three of these -Memory Lane, Odysseus and Mercury Life Saver- in the Top 20 “best overall apps” of the hackathon!

Gilles delivering, on behalf of Alcatel-Lucent, the $5,000 cheque to the Aricent “Smart Home for Elderly” team

IoT innovation and Smart cities -including connected homes- were two hot topics discussed during the Developer Summit Conference.

With 25 to 50 billion connected things globally by 2020, it represents a massive growth opportunity for carriers and for developers to build new user experiences and connect machines to people.

The “Best use of Alcatel-Lucent Call Management APIs” winning application called “Smart Home for Elderly” and developed by Aricent illustrates this opportunity, mixing voice and video calling and IoT innovations and creating new value for customers as a result.

“Smart Home for Elderly” allows a 24h/7d safe, non-intrusive surveillance and monitoring of the Alzheimer’s patient activity and health, helping people affected by Alzheimer to live safer and their caregivers to live better. It has multiple use case scenarios including providing caregivers the capability to be alerted with an audio and video call when the smart home reports a status, such as the patient’s door opening at night.

The app shows how carriers can now bridge IoT and IP-Communications platforms with mashed-up APIs, enabling real-time automatic outbound calls alerting based on a sensor’s information and allowing people to control the connected objects, easily and remotely, through voice and DTMF.

“Smart Home for Elderly” used the call Management APIs exposed from the AT&T foundry platform plus the following APIs:

  • AT&T Flow Designer: drag-and-drop development environment allowing developers to quickly create custom business logic for complex IoT solution and to run the app at scale on a cloud-based deployment platform,
  • AT&T M2X APIs: cloud data storage for developers to store and/or retrieve their time-series data, perform analytics and visualize data,
  • IBM Bluemix APIs: allows developers to create cognitive apps that learn, reason and consider context.

And what’s the developer’s feedback ?. Byron Williams, Aricent NetApp Business said: “This was Aricent’s first time participating in an external hackathon. We were thoroughly impressed by the AT&T event and especially by the large palette of APIs offered to developers. In particular, our team gravitated towards the Call Management APIs as a way to bring Communication as a feature into the IoT space. The APIs were easy to use and simply powerful, providing our Smart Home for Elderly app the ability to control IoT devices via an IVR session in real-time and without having to install an app on the user’s smartphone. At the touch of a button or by a simple word, we allow the user to be in contact with people close to the situation, sound an alarm, turn on emergency lighting and even connect to a live video stream using VoLTE network”.

The 2016 AT&T Developer Summit recap can be found on AT&T’s post event blog. All the winners of the hackathon are listed in this blog.

Our event blog and video will be available soon, keep watching!


Location Lab’s “Porchlight” winner of the AT&T Mobile App Hackathon

December 7, 2015

Author: G. Duboué

Venue: AT&T Mobile App Hackathon, November 6 – 8, 2015, Center for Social Innovation, New-York City, US

Key players in the mobile app developer ecosystem came together during this hackathon’s weed-end:
  • AT&T as VoLTE service provider opening its network to developers,
  • Alcatel-Lucent as IP Communications infrastructure and telecom APIs supplier,
  • Apigee as front-end APIs exposure layer to developers,
  • Microsoft to host the apps and provide live operating environment to developers,
  • And obviously developers, grouped in 16 teams with a good balance of talent including mobile app developers, back-end developers, visual or UX designer and marketing/idea persons.

The developers were tasked with the goal of building new mobile apps from scratch over a 24-hour period using our APIs technology exposed through the AT&T foundry. The winner app, “Porchlight” by Location Labs, is a location based contextual communications application that leverages the Call Direction APIs to allow users to delegate calls to a device based on location, time on day, and caller identity.

Pictures of the week-end and more information on the winners and the hackathon is available here

Watch the video clip!

Have Fun Hub & Ticket Hub co-winners of the BT Future Voice Hackathon

November 30, 2015

Author: G. Duboué

Venue:  BT Hackathon, September 26-27, 2015, BT Infinity Lab @ TechHub, London.

During a world rugby cup’s weekend, Alcatel-Lucent and BT co-organized the BT Future Voice Hackathon.

How did the hackaton ? See for yourself!…

Two winners shared the first prize as their applications nicely complemented each other:

  • Have Fun Hub: a reactive e-synch, event-driven platform that uses mashup APIs to extract, transform and enrich conversations with web source information data.
  • Ticket Hub: a contextual communications service to allow users to be alerted and to buy event tickets when sold-out, avoiding the hassle associated with hot event ticket purchasing.

Thanks to all the developers who participated and made the success of this event.


Join us at the AT&T Mobile App Hackathon (New York City, November 6-7)

October 8, 2015

Author: G. Duboué

Venue: AT&T Mobile App Hackathon, November 6 – 8, 2015, Center for Social Innovation, New-York City, US

  • Are you a software developer, designer or architect etc. working for a company, for your start-up, or studying at the university?
  • Are you  looking for an opportunity to innovate at a leading global Telecom service provider?
  • Would you like to compete for $5,000 in cash prizes?
  • Do you want to discover Alcatel-Lucent APIs technology that is already on-boarded in the AT&T Foundry?

Here’s your chance: the AT&T Mobile App Hackathon.

Mobile Apps powered by Alcatel-Lucent Rapport Call Management APIs will be the theme of this 24 hour hackathon. The participants will be expected to create brand new apps or enhance existing services by leveraging the Call Management APIs. Mentors and technical support experts will be available to help with ideation and API usage.

It is a great opportunity to get your application in front of people who make VoLTE, HD Voice and innovation happen!

When ? Friday, November 6, 2015 at 6:00 pm – Saturday,  November 7, 2015 at 10:00 am, New York City.


Leave your skateboard and join us at the AT&T Mobile App Hackathon. Register now !


Developer? Join us at BT Future Comms Hackathon, Sept 25 in London

September 2, 2015

Author: G. Duboué

Venue:  BT Hackathon, September 26-27, 2015, BT Infinity Lab @ TechHub, London.

You are a developer ? We are looking for you to help us build the communications applications of the future.

Come and join us to explore BT call management APIs and design the future of voice, video and social messaging at our three-days Hackathon Sept 25-27 in London.

Get access to BT and Alcatel-Lucent, APIs, SDKs and experts, work with other developers and compete for cash and prizes.

Book your place now!

Register at and follow us on #BTHackathon.


BT hacks what’s next for Future Voice platform on our Rapport sandbox!

July 8, 2015

Author: G. Duboué

Venue:  BT internal Hackathon, July 7-9, 2015, BT Innovation Hub, Ipswich, UK.

BT used our Rapport sandbox to host an internal Hackathon in its Innovation Hub in Adastral Park.

The first objective of the hackathon was to educate the BT community about the power of Rapport APIs.

The second objective was to demonstrate how BT’s Future voice (FV) platform, equipped with Alcatel-Lucent Rapport APIs and opened up to keen BT developers, can easily create new value added services to improve the user experience and generate new revenue streams.

The third objective was to test the process for BT’s next external hackathons.


The “Safe Home” winning team: Zeeshan, Jonathan, Cathy, Jan and Stephanie (missing)

More than 100 in-house developers, architects, usability managers and product managers, competing as 10 teams and supported on-site by experts from Alcatel-Lucent, worked together for 3 days with passion, energy and a great deal of creativity. Using our Rapport sandbox’s rich set of WebRTC client APIs and network APIs, the teams defined, designed and delivered many innovative service concept demos and prototypes for both consumers, enterprises and wholesales segments.

The winning team’s built a “Safe Home” service prototype which brings together the Internet Of Things (IoT), and more particularly the home connected objects, with consumer communications.

Many senior BT executives visited the hackathon, including Karl Penaluna, President of 21C Global Networks and Computing Infrastructure at BT. Tim Shaw, BT’s Director of Voice & Multimedia said “The Hackathon has been a great success. We have driven a change in our understanding of the potential of communications and have built working prototypes that demonstrate the power of API’s. We will use this understanding to drive the value of our propositions to truly exceed what the customer expects from how they communicate“.

From left to right: G. Duboué (ALU), K. Penaluna (BT), T. Shaw (BT), R. Baker (ALU), M. Duffy (ALU), L. Connors (BT)

Thanks to Liam Connors for the outstanding organization of the event!… We are now looking  BT’s next hackathon for external developers!





IMS industry awards winner: CTS the best VoLTE solution package

June 21, 2015

Author: G. Duboué

Venue:  IMS World Forum, June 21, 2015, Amsterdam

12bd5bd7-ac88-44c5-917e-18ec67d140e3The annual IMS Industry Awards took place at the 2015 IMS World Forum in Amsterdam on June 21.

Gilles and Sue receiving the award during the ceremony

Confirming its recent success at the GMSA’s 20th Global Mobile Awards for the “Best 2015 Mobile Network Product for Serving Customers”, the Converged Telephony Server (CTS) product was recognized the IMS industry award for “Best VoLTE Solution Package”.

The judges took into account how has the product displayed innovation, and the CTS built-in network APIs obviously helped here, as well as the commercial success of the product in deploying VoLTE.

IMS World Forum congratulatory e-mail:

Conversations 2015: PrivacyStar and Apizee apps winners

May 3, 2015

Author: G. Duboué

Venue:  Conversations 2015, April 27 – 29 2014, Corinthia Hotel, Bupapest, Hungary  

This year’s event occured at the “spendide” The Corinthia Hotel in Budapest, a city of innovation and beauty which some rank as the world’s 9th most beautiful city.

Conversations 2015 brought together executives, business leaders and technology innovators from across the industry to discuss the latest issues and insights that help shape the future of communications. This year’s energizing conference has an interactive format that includes enhanced roundtables, real-world experiences and live demos from innovative service providers and plenty of time to engage with industry peers.

5 of the 10 Application Provider partners demos shown during the event  participated to the second IMS APIs-based Service Innovation contest. Apps were judged based on both the demo value -pertinence of the use case and user experience- and business value.  While we only planned one winner, the judging panel, exclusively made of service providers, decided unanimously to splt the award into 2!.

The two winners are:

  • PrivacyStar “Call protection service”, a simple, easy to use application for consumers, easy to market and to differentiate with,
  • Apizee “Web call center “: the service targets a high demand B2B2C domain and covers any enterprises and verticals customer contact needs, while it can also be used by carriers for their own on-line support.


A GSMA award for VoLTE & APIs innovation!

March 6, 2015

Author: G. Duboué

Venue: Mobile World Congress, 2015, Barcelona, Spain

CTS_AwardAlcatel-Lucent was recognized this week at the GMSA’s 20th Global Mobile Awards where the Converged Telephony Server (CTS) software product received the prestigious award for “Best 2015 Mobile Network Product for Serving Customers.”

VoLTE and service innovation is readily enabled by the virtualized CTS that uniquely extends VoLTE’s new user experience to fixed and mobile networks, for both consumer and business customers. CTS is a critical part of VoLTE commercial services that were launched in the US market in mid 2014. VoLTE helps service  providers earn more by creating a better customer mobile experience of faster mobile broadband, HD voice and new calling experience including video calling, VoWi-Fi and content sharing across multi-devices.


From left to right: Bhaskar, Gilles, Sue, Michel and Fran celebrating the award on ALU’s booth

CTS also enables the future of communications.

With its native, easy-to-use, OMA standard-based call management APIs, service provider can expose mobile network resources and tap into developer’s creativity to embed IP-Comms features within contextual applications.

And it’s more than APIs: the Web Developer Portal and sandbox help service providers grow the ecosystem and get started quickly with third parties and new business models to flourish with apps developers specialized in vertical markets.

Fran receiving the award during the ceremony

Judges comments:
This outstanding entrant represents a strong platform for service providers to achieve commercial success by allowing the integration of complex services by both service providers and third parties using the web developers’ portal and sandbox, to deliver not just the technical capabilities, but also the other elements required to speed effective commercial innovation

Alcatel-Lucent Press release:

Global Mobile Awards 2015, press release: