And this is why you will love our client and server APIs. They are:

Easy to use and built-in

New Conversation APIs are REST based and OMA compliant. That means they’re easy to use. You don’t need training or knowledge in IMS — just your web development skills.

The APIs are built-in IMS. That means they feature direct exposure to, and integration with, our best-in-class IMS application servers, including Converged Telephony Server, Presence Server and Multimedia Instant Messaging.

This “built-in” status means that your apps can leverage the full suite of rich calling features offered by these application servers.

Affordable and carrier grade

Build a carrier-grade app of carrier-grade WebRTC service in a few days. And do it using your own development environment.

On one hand, understanding and building in the quality of experience your future users demand is key to creating a successful app. On the other hand, WebRTC calls for a communications system that matches its innovation and scales to its volume.

Our solution is designed with five built-in tools that ensure your WebRTC service scales from the lab to the web. And through our Developer Portal, your app and associated WebRTC client can be tested with the same IMS network quality that the world’s largest service providers offer to their customers — your target market.

You can access the Developer Portal and SDK for free. There is no need for additional network investment such as investing in a media server.

Ready for monetization

Boost your sales and unlock the value of 4G and Internet networks by developing apps and delivering communications as a web experience over the service provider IMS’ platform.

In a retail model: Connect with new markets and segments by advertising and selling apps through service providers’ premium distribution channels.

In a wholesale model: Leverage service providers’ reach and network quality. Quickly and easily scale communications to billions of connected people, connected devices, connected portals, connected objects on the web, across any industry vertical.