IMS industry awards winner: CTS the best VoLTE solution package

June 21, 2015 in News

Author: G. Duboué

Venue:  IMS World Forum, June 21, 2015, Amsterdam

12bd5bd7-ac88-44c5-917e-18ec67d140e3The annual IMS Industry Awards took place at the 2015 IMS World Forum in Amsterdam on June 21.

Gilles and Sue receiving the award during the ceremony

Confirming its recent success at the GMSA’s 20th Global Mobile Awards for the “Best 2015 Mobile Network Product for Serving Customers”, the Converged Telephony Server (CTS) product was recognized the IMS industry award for “Best VoLTE Solution Package”.

The judges took into account how has the product displayed innovation, and the CTS built-in network APIs obviously helped here, as well as the commercial success of the product in deploying VoLTE.

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