Conversations 2015: PrivacyStar and Apizee apps winners

May 3, 2015 in News

Author: G. Duboué

Venue:  Conversations 2015, April 27 – 29 2014, Corinthia Hotel, Bupapest, Hungary  

This year’s event occured at the “spendide” The Corinthia Hotel in Budapest, a city of innovation and beauty which some rank as the world’s 9th most beautiful city.

Conversations 2015 brought together executives, business leaders and technology innovators from across the industry to discuss the latest issues and insights that help shape the future of communications. This year’s energizing conference has an interactive format that includes enhanced roundtables, real-world experiences and live demos from innovative service providers and plenty of time to engage with industry peers.

5 of the 10 Application Provider partners demos shown during the event  participated to the second IMS APIs-based Service Innovation contest. Apps were judged based on both the demo value -pertinence of the use case and user experience- and business value.  While we only planned one winner, the judging panel, exclusively made of service providers, decided unanimously to splt the award into 2!.

The two winners are:

  • PrivacyStar “Call protection service”, a simple, easy to use application for consumers, easy to market and to differentiate with,
  • Apizee “Web call center “: the service targets a high demand B2B2C domain and covers any enterprises and verticals customer contact needs, while it can also be used by carriers for their own on-line support.