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In-vehicule enriched calling

From Summit Tech


“ALU has the most advanced and market ready IMS APIs”

Mark Castleman

CEO at Vobi

“Overcome the capacity limitations of first generation interactive solutions”

Franck Malka

CEO Modulo

“Save money and give customers a better QoS”

Dave Mathews

CEO at NewAer

“Satisfy our customer needs”

Pierre Couedelo

CEO & Founder of CAMKA System

“Increase opportunities for sales and new customer interactions”

Manikandan Jayagopal

System Architect at Aricent

“A big breath of fresh air”

Michael Colombo

CEO at Maark

“Make our solution far more valuable to healthcare actors”

Ken Epps

President of AGNITY Healthcare

Explore the “Art of the Possible”

Dave Tidwell

CEO at Anana

“Bring our core function to the iPhone”

Josh Smith

COO & Co-founder at PrivacyStar

“Enable operators to set up successful VAS with a challenging time to market in a competitive environment”

Marc Uszynski

CTO Telecom & IT at Alten

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